Best Places for Vacation: Tips to Preparing for an Incredible Vacation

3 Tips to Preparing for an Incredible Vacation


You want to have an incredible vacation, that’s a given. Preparing for that vacation though, well that can be a bit tricky, which makes sense because it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement when you’re getting ready to do a bit of traveling and take a break from the daily grind you experience at work.

You’ve taken a look at list after list of the best places for vacation and narrowed it down to the place you’ll be visiting. Whether it’s a mountain getaway or a beach adventure, it’s pretty easy to get so excited about the trip that you forget what needs to be done to prepare for it. Luckily for you, the team at Vacation Strategy is here to help.

How to Prepare for Your Next Awesome Vacation

After you figure out where to go for vacation, it’s time to get ready. You don’t want to forget anything, of course, so where do you even begin? Let us help.

Make a List of Everything You Need to Bring

Probably the best bit of advice we have for you is to start the process of making a list of everything you should bring on your trip as early as you can. People regularly forget to bring everything from toothbrushes to underwear to phone chargers. That makes sense because they’re things you use on a daily basis without giving a whole lot of thought to. Start your list with these items while you’re thinking of them.

Of course you’ll also want to remember everything from plane tickets to itineraries, so whether you’re making the list in your favorite notebook or typing it out on your phone, make sure you are as thorough as possible. As you work your way through the list, cross things off that are going into your luggage. This little bit of effort at the offset could save you a trip (or three) to the local grocery store when you arrive at your destination, making it worth the time and effort that you put into making a list at the offset.

Have Someone Look After Your Home

Do you have a finicky plant that needs the perfect amount of water and light? Need someone to mow your lawn or turn off the sprinkler system? Want to make sure that cats didn’t get into anything they shouldn’t have gotten into?

Whether you ask a neighbor to look after your home or you have a family friend pop in, it’s always worth it to have someone to look after your home while you’re away. Not only will it ensure that the things that need to be taken care of are actually taken care of, but it will provide you with much needed peace of mind while you’re trying to have some fun! Because after all, there’s nothing worse than thinking you may have left the oven on when you’re in the middle of Disney World and not having anyone who can check on it. Enlisting the help of someone to keep an eye on your home is in your benefit.

Pro Traveling Tip: Be sure to bring the person who watches your home a small souvenir as a token of your thanks. Even if he or she is being paid to keep an eye on your house while you’re away, a bit of fancy chocolate or an Orlando snow globe will be very much appreciated.

Research What to Do Before You Leave

Another thing that we find gets overlooked is doing research on what you’ll actually do while you’re on vacation. People get invested in finding the best vacation packages and booking flights or rental cars that they can sometimes forget to do a bit of planning on what they’ll do when they arrive at their vacation destination.

Sure, some locations (such as the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort which is right across from Disney World) have a good portion of what you’ll be doing built right in, but others might be a little different. For example, consider a trip to Nashville--you may have some fun stuff to do right near the place you’re staying, but it’s also a good idea to plan for a trip to the highly-rated restaurant across town or a nightly excursion to a music venue.

Do a bit of research into your destination and add to our first tip’s list, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of things to see and do on your big trip.

Wondering Where to Go For Vacation?

At Vacation Strategy, we offer a number of different vacation packages at some of the best prices in the business. Take a look at all of our vacations and see if there’s something that catches your eye. We pride ourselves on making sure that you have the time of your life and we hope that the tips above can help to contribute to your next big trip!

By saving our customers as much as 70% over our closest competitors such as Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, and other similar sites, we’re able to give our customers the absolute best bang for their buck whether they’re taking a Flagstaff vacation or a weekend trip to a beach in Hawaii.

Have a question? We’re here to help! Feel free to call us at 888-832-4223 or reach out online because we want to make sure that you take the trip of a lifetime.

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