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3 Benefits of Taking a Lazy Vacation

3 Benefits of Taking a Lazy Vacation

It’s a natural instinct to want to get as much fun as you possibly can out of your vacation. Unfortunately this is an approach that leads to more stress than it’s probably worth as you make the valiant attempt to see and do it all in the amount of time you have on vacation. The impulse to try to get the most bang for your buck is incredibly common, but is there another way to do things?

We think there is, particularly if you’re trying to plan a relaxing getaway on a budget.

No matter where you decide to go, the benefits of making it a point to have a more time for relaxation are numerous, but we’ll be focusing on three of our favorites in today’s blog. Is a relaxing getaway the right thing for you and your family? Keep reading to find out!

Why Take a Lazy, Relaxing Vacation?

First things first. We probably ought to start by defining what it is that we mean by “lazy vacation.” No, we’re not saying that you should sit around all day and watch movies while lying in your resort’s bed. You could do that at home! Instead, what we mean is that you should be more intentional with your vacation time in order to maximize the benefits. Let’s take a look at at what they are:

You Actually Get to Relax

You’re busy enough with work, school, practice, and the like as it is. Your vacation is supposed to be what you do to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life to experience a change from the norm. That means it doesn’t make much sense to plan out a full day each and every day that you’re on vacation. Allow yourself a bit of down time for naps, reading, or just hanging out together.

Not only will this save you money, but it also provides you with the much-needed revitalization that every great vacation is supposed to provide. Places like the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort make it easy to relax thanks to the addition of lazy rivers, hot tubs, and even complimentary mini golf on location. Even if you have a full day planned at a nearby theme park, you are in close proximity to your resort, ensuring that you always have a place to go and relax.

You Cherish the Things You Did Do More

When you’re in the go-go-go frame of mind, it can be hard to work yourself out of that. Consider this for a moment--would you rather spend twenty minutes seeing a famous landmark or a few hours really taking it in? Your goal shouldn’t be to see as much as you possibly can, but instead to make the most of what you want to see.

That doesn’t mean there’s not room for doing the things you want to do, but instead it means that you have to choose the things you’ll want to do the most. Who knows? You may even end up loving the location so much that you decide to come back next year to see the rest of it. The mission of your vacation is to make memories that will last a lifetime and slowing down to really take everything in is a great way to make the most of the time you have on your trip.

You Can Stay Within Your Budget

If you’re looking for the best relaxing vacation on a budget, planning out a million different things to do ends up being a little counterproductive. Of course there are plenty of free museums in a number of places (the Wyndham National Harbor Resort in Washington, D.C. comes to mind as a place that’s particularly full of things to do for free), but many cities are full of attractions that cost money. Rather than going over your budget and dipping into your savings account, you can plan your lazy time accordingly.

What we mean by that is that you can see plenty of things and even it all out with a bit of time relaxing at your resort. Bring an iPad for the kids to enjoy a bit of time watching their favorite movies on Netflix (because many resorts offer free wi-fi), grab a book (or two...or three) for yourself, and spend some time just relaxing and letting your body enjoy a bit of down time. Many resorts also offer free amenities that range from swimming pools and hot tubs to live music to miniature golf to board games that you can borrow, making it easy to stay close to your base of operations and still have plenty to do. These often end up being the best vacation spots for families because of the wide range of things to do without having to spend any money.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Whether you have somewhere specific in mind and you’re gearing up for your trip or you’re just starting the process, we have plenty of vacation packages to choose from that ought to suit pretty much any type of person ought there. From beach locations to mountain getaways, there are a number of options that we think you’ll love.

We sincerely hope that this post in defense of the lazy vacation inspires you to take one of your own and we think that no matter what you decide to do, you’ll have the time of your life.

At Vacation Strategy, we’re committed to providing people with great vacation locations that save them time and put them near incredible things to see and do. As a matter of fact, we can often save our customers up to 70% compared to other vacation sites and it’s something we’re happy to be able to do. We even offer a best price guarantee to make sure you have the time of your life at a price that won’t break the bank.

Have a question? We’d be thrilled to help! Feel free to give us a call at 888-832-4223 today to plan a trip that you’ll love.

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