Vacation on a Budget: Why You Should Take a Trip to National Harbor

3 Reasons National Harbor Makes a Great Vacation Spot for Families

3 Reasons National Harbor Makes a Great Vacation Spot for Families

Finding kid-friendly vacation spots is always a bit of a challenge, isn’t it? You could opt for a road trip to Mount Rushmore to give the kids a bit of a history lesson, but that means filling up the car with everything you need for your vacation, then packing in the kids, making sure you have plenty of snacks accessible, stopping to grab gas (and use the restroom), and breaking up the inevitable fights that are going to break out between the kids sitting directly behind you while you’re trying to navigate a busy stretch of unfamiliar road.

The good news though is that taking a family vacation on a budget has never been easier thanks to the team at Vacation Strategy!

Wondering Where to Go For Vacation? We Can Help You.

After all, you could hop in the car and drive your kids to the Dakotas for a history lesson, or you could instead book a vacation at the Wyndham National Harbor which is just a few short minutes from Washington, D.C., one of the most history-filled locations in the entire United States!

We believe that a trip to National Harbor is one of the ideal vacation spots for families because kids and adults of all ages are sure to have plenty to enjoy. That’s why in today’s blog, we’re giving our readers three reasons why we think a vacation in National Harbor is ideal no matter who you are or what you enjoy in a vacation. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Take a Trip to National Harbor?

There’s Plenty to Do For Free

As a matter of fact, a quick visit to provides readers with a number of things that they can do for free while visiting Washington, D.C. From a trip to the National Zoo to a visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial to a journey to the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence, there’s no shortage of things to do at no additional cost to you while you’re in the nation’s capital. Like we mentioned above, planning a vacation on a budget can be challenging, but when you visit National Harbor, there’s plenty to see and do for free. And if you’re willing to shell out just a few bucks, a trip to Nationals Park, you can partake in one of America’s greatest pastimes--baseball. There’s nothing quite like and and we believe that it’s one of the best ways to spend an afternoon of vacation with the whole family.

Explore National Harbor

Of course a trip to National Harbor would be wasted if you don’t enjoy some of what it has to offer while you’re there! Whether you take a ride on The Capital Wheel (an incredibly fun and beautiful ferris wheel), do some shopping at the Tanger Outlets or make it a point to take in some of the area’s unique art (we highly recommend The Awakening as it is truly a marvel to behold), you’re sure to find that National Harbor itself is full of fun things to explore even if you have no intention of heading towards D.C.

Enjoy the Wyndham National Harbor

Or perhaps your ideal vacation has you staying in one location, simply enjoying your immediate surroundings without having to worry about making plans to go anywhere else. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, we have great news for you--you could have an incredible vacation simply by staying right at the resort! There’s an indoor swimming pool for the whole family or a children’s pool if you’d rather watch the kiddos splash around outdoors. Guests also have access to a hot tub, game room, and laundry facilities. With free wireless internet for up to four devices, you could also enjoy the view that your room has to offer while catching up on a book or two on your Kindle or iPad.

A Vacation in National Harbor is a Great Choice for Any Family

No matter what kind of vacation you prefer to take your family on, you can rest assured that a stay at Wyndham National Harbor is the way to go. The variety of things to do and the proximity to even more activities makes it one of the best places for vacation in the entire country.

To get a custom quote for your trip to National Harbor, head on over to this page and let us know how long you’d like to stay, whether you’ve used Vacation Strategy before, and  how many rooms you’d prefer. While you’re there, take a look at the pictures we’ve provided to see what’s in store for you. With so many great things to do in and around National Harbor, we’d argue that it’s one of the best vacation spots for families no matter whether they enjoy spending time exploring the city or taking it easy is more their speed.

When you choose Vacation Strategy, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team who genuinely cares that you have a great time on your vacation. Take a look at a few of our testimonials to see what others have to say about our family vacation packages. We’re happy to say that our rental prices are between 40% and 70% lower than you’d find elsewhere and we also offer a Best Price Guarantee, ensuring that your vacation on a budget remains budget friendly.

So why not book today? Your family will thank you.

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