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Why a Nashville Resort is the Ideal Place to Stay on Your Vacation

Why a Nashville Resort is the Ideal Place to Stay on Your Vacation

We’ve written before about why Nashville is one of the best places to vacation on a budget and it’s something that we absolutely stand by. Between the sights such as the Grand Ole Opry and all of the incredible barbecue places, there are plenty of reasons to visit Nashville! Whether you’re traveling with family or on a solo vacation because you had a bit of time off from work, Music City is the place to try. There’s just no denying that its broad appeal makes it a wonderful choice for pretty much anyone.

The obvious choice of where to stay is, of course, the Wyndham Nashville Resort. Just a mile from all of the action that the city has to offer, it’s a great place to plan out your daily itinerary. Its warm, friendly atmosphere and beautifully decorated rooms make for an incredible place to be. Add in the fact that you have access to two outdoor swimming pools, an organized activities program, live entertainment right on site, an indoor pool, hot tubs, a basketball court, and exercise equipment and you, dear friends, are made in the shade!

But What Makes Nashville Such a Great Place to Be?

It’s hard to put your finger on it, but there’s just something that’s so special about Nashville. Although fans of country music are sure to have a good time exploring the city and looking for their favorite musicians, you don’t have to be a fan to appreciate the atmosphere around the city. That’s not to say that trying to spot your favorite stars isn’t something you can do in Nashville, however. As a matter of fact, the city has a long history of drawing in crowds looking for famous folks, dating back to Davy Crockett’s antics in the early 1800s.

Everyone from Oprah to Jimi Hendrix have graced the streets of Music City and it’s still common for famous faces to be seen enjoying their time in Nashville today.

When you come to visit, you’ll be greeted by a level of hospitality that you just don’t get anywhere else. Perhaps it was because the city of Nashville was founded on Christmas Eve in 1779 and the goodwill, charity, and selflessness that help many to mark that particular holiday have carried on and worked their way into the lives of the people who still inhabit Nashville today.

And while we’re on the subject of Nashville trivia, according to the Anywhere Anytime Journeys Blog, “The late U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, upon drinking a cup of Maxwell House Coffee, pronounced it ‘good to the last drop’ — the slogan the company still uses today. Who knew Theodore Roosevelt was a copywriter? Roosevelt’s proclamation took place in the Maxwell House Hotel, so you can probably guess how the name of that coffee originated.” And wouldn’t you know it? That’s how people still feel about Nashville today--the city itself is good to the last drop.

What Else Is There To Do in Nashville?

Well, have we mentioned the barbecue? Oh, we have? Well it bears repeating--you have to try the barbecue in Nashville. There are any number of lists counting down all of the best places to get barbecue while you’re in Nashville, but the truth of the matter is that it’s pretty hard to go wrong! You could pretty much close your eyes, spin in a circle three times, and head in the direction you end up facing, then walk to the nearest restaurant and get some pretty great barbecue.

Or, of course, you could plan out your entire trip around where you’d like to eat and stuff yourself with some of the tastiest meats ever known to man. Trust us when we say that there are much worse ways to spend a vacation than making your way from restaurant and sampling the foods.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint is always a popular choice thanks to their always mind blowing white barbecue sauce. Drifters Tennessee BBQ is also much loved and Tex’s World Famous Barbecue has also been known to tickle the tastebuds as well.

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

Not in the mood for food? Robert’s Western World is the place to be! If you visit during the day, you can get yourself a spiffy new pair of boots. Come back at night and you’ll see the place transformed into an honest to goodness honky tonk where you can dance to your heart’s content.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention that you ought to swing by Third Man Records. Whether you are a huge White Stripes fan and you’d like to see Jack White’s quirky record store or you’re justin the mood to try something a little bit different, this is the place to go. Trust us when we say that you’ve never seen anything quite like this and it really doesn’t get any better! Even if you’re not a fan of Third Man’s music, you yourself can record a song in their recording booth and have your own vinyl record pressed quickly and easily. Now how’s that for a vacation souvenir? This is one place you’ll want to be sure to hit up when you’re in town.

Book a Vacation Today

We make taking a vacation on a budget easier than it’s ever been before. You don’t have to compromise on the fun when you stay at the Wyndham Nashville Resort. As a matter of fact, we can often save our customers as much as 70% over other similar travel websites. Feel free to put us to the test--we offer a price match guarantee that states that our prices are the best for a particular vacation. If they’re not, we’ll match the other price you find and give you a $50 credit towards a future vacation with us.

Have a question? We are here to help! Give us a call at 888-832-4223 today so you can book a vacation that you’ll cherish the memories of for years to come.

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