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Planning a Romantic Mountain Getaway?

Planning a Romantic Mountain Getaway?

Whether your anniversary is coming up you’re you would just like to treat your special someone “just because,” embarking on mountain getaways could be the answer you’ve been looking for. There’s just something special about being surrounded by fresh mountain air that’s so uniquely relaxing that it’s the perfect way to spend a day with your loved one.

Here at Vacation Strategy, we love helping people who are looking for family trip ideas to plan out an incredible vacation that the whole family will love, but we’re also excited to help couples who are looking for the perfect place to spend some time way, simply enjoying each other’s company. And, of course, what better way to do that than with planning a romantic mountain getaway for two? It’s a wonderful way to take in the scenery and bond with one another in a way that you just can’t while you have the whole family in tow.

We’re Here to Help

Luckily for you, an incredible (and incredibly budget friendly) vacation is waiting at the tip of your fingers. It’s our goal to help people everywhere to find the destination that works best for them and then provide them with a resort that’s out of this world, ensuring that every aspect of their vacation brings them memories that will last a lifetime.

So a mountain getaway sounds like a good choice, but where should you go? You could make the trip to Colorado to get an up-close look at the Rocky Mountains. Or you could head to San Gorgonio Mountain in Southern California to spend a bit of time getting some rest and relaxation.

Allow us to propose a different idea:

A Trip to Shawnee Village

The Wyndham Shawnee Village Crestview Resort is a beautiful location that is great no matter what time of the year you visit. Prefer beautiful running water and luscious green plants? A summertime stay is right up your alley. Would you rather enjoy some skiing while taking in the snow capped peaks of the Pocono Mountains? A winter stay ought to do the trick.

Either way, we’re sure that you’ll be overjoyed, because between the beautiful scenery outside and the beautiful person you’ve decided to take a trip with, you’ve got the recipe for a truly incredible vacation. The Wyndham Vacation Resorts Shawnee Village is an ideal place to make your base of operations.

Here’s what you can expect:

Even if you never left the resort, you’d be in for a treat. Pamper yourselves with the electric fireplaces and balconies while taking in the scenery. After all, sometimes the best romantic getaways are the ones where you don’t stray too far from the resort.

Or, of course, the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania make the perfect backdrop for explorers of all varieties. A nearby spa and salon make for the perfect way to treat yourselves or you can head to the local golf course and hit the tees with nothing but relaxation on your mind. With so much to see and do whether you decide to stay in or go out, we’re sure you’ll have the time of your lives.

Amenities include an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, tennis courts, mini golf, game rooms, and even an organized activities program. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

What Else Is There To Do?

Whether you’re a couple who loves the thrill of being out in nature all the time and you’re looking for a new location or you’re simply craving the call of the wild as a change of pace from your daily life, a trip to the Poconos is the answer you’ve been looking for. There’s simply no shortage of things to see and do in the area surrounding the Wyndham Shawnee Village Resort. From whitewater rafting to sandy beaches to hiking in the woods, there’s plenty in store for adventurous couples who seek the mountain getaway of a lifetime.

As a matter of fact, Jim Thorpe River Adventures always seem to satisfy the urge to get out and explore. According to their website, “this part of the Pocono Mountains is home to great whitewater rafting, easy family trips, inflatable kayak trips, and exciting whitewater kayaking” and “no experience is necessary,” ensuring that even those who have never spent time adventuring on the water will have the time of their lives.

Or if traditional adventure isn’t up your alley, that doesn’t mean there’s not a handful of other places you can explore. Whether you prefer the quaint charm of antique shops, delicious food and drinks at the local restaurants, or even a trip to a local museum to get a feel for the history of the place you’re exploring, you’re sure to find that you’ve never been anywhere quite like the Pocono Mountains.

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It doesn’t matter if you prefer to explore the area to your heart’s content or simply to stay near to the resort and enjoy a quiet getaway, this resort in Wyndham Shawnee Village is a great choice for any couple and the Crestview is Wyndham’s addition to the Shawnee Village legacy, ensuring that you get to stay at a location that’s sure to please while enjoying your surroundings.

At Vacation Strategy, we’re equally happy to help couples plan a romantic mountain getaway as we are providing family trip ideas for those who are seeking low-cost vacations. We offer a number of different vacation packages all across the world, ensuring that no matter what an awesome vacation looks like to you, we can help you find it.

Have a question about Shawnee Village or any other location you see on our website? We’d love to help! Take a look at the Vacation Strategy FAQ to learn more about who we are as a company and what you can expect when you work with us. Of course you can also feel free to give us a call at 888-832-4223 today so we can walk you through your options. Either way, our goal is to give you the vacation of your dreams. We look forward to hearing from you!