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Wyndham St. Thomas Margaritaville

Inspired by the lyrics and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville®, Wyndham St. Thomas covers all the bases. Located on Water Bay at the eastern end of St. Thomas, this beachside location is nestled in a cove fringed by waving palm trees. It’s the perfect escape for anyone with a sense of adventure looking for music and fun on your next vacation. Or if you’re dreaming of a more laid-back experience — grabbing that beach chair, kicking off your flip-flops, sipping a margarita while looking out onto an expanse of fine white sand, crystal-clear waters and St. John island in the distance — then Margaritaville St. Thomas is the place for you. Request a custom quote on a Wyndham timeshare in St. Thomas today!

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