Homeowner Program

Vacation Home OWNERS?

Give us 7 nights of unrented, otherwise wasted time in your property at no charge... and here's what we'll give you.

EXPOSURE to our...

  • 40,000 guests & members
  • 80,000 newsletter subscribers
  • 95,000 annual rental requests
  • All future incoming members


  • Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000 Private Membership Club
  • over 227 resorts in great locations
  • Private million dollar vacation homes at %50 savings
  • Potentially free travel with our referral program

How Our Program Works

The main benefit we offer is added exposure to your property. You give us access to this one "unrented" week in your property at no charge, the date of which is totally at your discretion. We're not asking for a week that you can easily rent yourself. In exchange, we feature your property to tens of thousands of vacationers on our websites and our own in-house advertising & marketing programs. If you have one, we'll work closely with your existing property manager to add these "incremental" weeks to your bottom line for years to come, and all this with no cost, long term commitment or risks.

Our Goal for You

Is to add an extra week or so to your bottom line in additon to profiting from our one week. As you will see, we turn our otherwise wasted week into something of long-term value.

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More About Vacation Strategy

Vacation Strategy LLC, located in Celebration Florida, is a leading provider of resort vacation rentals serving well over 30,000 guests to date. We’ve been assisting vacation property owners with converting, unused and otherwise wasted time into cash since 2010, and we’ve paid out millions of dollars to vacation property owners just like you in the process. Our guests are now asking for even larger high-end vacation homes, condos & fractional properties, so we’ve put together this program to fill this need and assist other property owners like you financially for many years to come. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Do This?

Are there any hidden fees, charges or other costs involved?

There are absolutely no charges or fees paid to Vacation Strategy ever. We make our money strictly from the rental or use of the week you are exchanging with us. Also, there are no annually dues from the membership we are providing you.

What are the terms and how long is this agreement for?

Terms of Agreement:  In exchange for one week at your property, the date of which to be determined and at your discretion, you will receive all the benefits detailed above. You understand and agree that Vacation Strategy will retain all income resulting from the rental of this one week and you will retain all income from every subsequent week rented as a result of this program.


This agreement is for the term of one year. If you’re satisfied with the additional results we provide, you can automatically continue the agreement each year with the exchange of another week of your choosing. However, you are not obligated in any way to continue the agreement past the initial year.

Is the membership mine to keep even if I don't extend the agreement past the first year?

Yes. The membership is a Lifetime Membership. It is yours to keep even if you decide not to use our services after the first year. And you can continue to extend membership privileges to your friends, family and employees with this membership as well.

Do you charge a fee or commission for any "extra" rental weeks you send our way?

No. We want this to be a long-term beneficial relationship with the property owner and property manager. In that regard, we made a decision not to ask for booking fees or commissions from our owners or their property managers on any rentals we can provide during the term of this agreement. We will make our money strictly on the success of monetizing the week you have provided us.

Who pays the cleaning fee or damage insurance costs for this week?

Vacation Strategy will pay the cleaning fee and any mandatory renters damage insurance you may be currently charging on the week you are providing us at the time of the booking.

How will I be protected from damages to my property?

Since we are going through you or your property manager when its time to use our week. We will provide or collect the required damage deposit you are currently charging your other guests.

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Thank you for all you do, and for being so pleasant while doing it. You answer all of our questions efficiently and politely. We have enjoyed our vacations at Wyndham resorts very much. We have traveled to many of their locations and have found them to be like home. We are looking forward to many more years and many more vacations using our club membership. All we have to do is tell you where we’re going, and our biggest concern is what to do once we get there. Thanks again for being so great!
Carolyn Hill
We had too many points than we could keep up with let alone pay for. VS has managed my points for me and they also provide me the very best prices on my vacations. For example, Bonnet Creek for $500 a week! Our kids can also use the program! Their staff is great and they always try to find answers for you and make things happen. We were hesitant at first but now trust them completely. We would recommend to anyone who would like to live a less stressful life and vacation at more places for a lesser cost.
Stephen Cooks
So far I have saved 100% of my maintenance fees since joining, a total thus far of over $36,000 and have been able to travel when and where I choose 100% of the time for the same cost in dollars as what I would have spent in points, so to me, this is a “no brainer”. Because of my experience I confidently recommend you take advantage of your own VS membership. Goodbye to your maintenance fees, and hello to more personal happy and memorable vacationing!
Bob Miller
When my husband and I were introduced to Vacation Strategy Club, we were unsure of the concept, so we asked the owner and staff to reassure us and explain. They took their time to explain every point of the contract and to clear up any doubts that we had. We have been members since March 2013, and we could not be happier. Joining Vacation Strategy Club was definitely the right decision at the right time. We are very glad to be a part of a company that emphasizes honesty and integrity.
Julie & Juan Cruz
It was great to meet the VS team in person today! This was a tremendous addition to this year’s winter trip! It was great to learn more about the company and feel even more comfortable in the decision we made to join. We enjoyed meeting each of you face to face, knowing that you are all the ones that make Vacation Strategy the successful company that it is today. We look forward to working with each of you for many years to come, the service is outstanding and I could not be happier.
Don Peck

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